Project Report, Week 6

This week was a light week for everyone in the group. I went on the facebook page and reviewed it. Most of the critical feedback that we received had to do with people who didn’t like that they had to create a facebook profile to view our project.

What went well was that we were on top of our assignments and kept in constant communication with each other; which is why we had so little to do this past week.

The only thing that didn’t go well was that we had to push back some of our due dates for several reasons, but we still accomplished our tasks by the deadlines.

We have no assignments to coordinate this week. All done! Yay!

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Project Report – Week Five

My contributions this week were completing the story of Joseph.  This included (for our purposes) chapters 37 and 39-45. This took a lot longer than I had originally anticipated and I believe that we may need to shorten it given the feedback that we have received so far, but maybe not.

Our team is coordinating with each other well and everyone is contributing, which I believe will make our team successful in our venture. Jeanette has taken over the role of editor and April has done a good job with the graphic design, as well as the formatting and layout of our final project. They have both been contributing to the facebook page as well.

The only thing that did not go well is that I have had continuous computer issues and did not get my part completely posted until Friday at 4:30pm. I did have half of it posted on Wednesday, though, which I hope was helpful to the team.  

My goals for collaborating and contributing this week are to do the part designated to me for the final edit of Genesis and to help improve the facebook page so that it will be what we want. I will be gone/unavailable all day Wednesday, but I have given the head’s up to my group already; so I will do my part every other day this week.

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Project Report, Week Four

My contributions this past week were: editing and making some contributions to the original proposal, rewriting the audience analysis and re-submitting the proposal, and contributing the stories after Noah for our Genesis re-write as well as a little bit of editing.

Our team is on the same page now. We are communicating daily and everyone is open to each other’s feedback. It has been very helpful to work with others who take professionalism seriously. We all know who is doing what and are using the same version of the Bible.

The only thing that I could say is not going well is that we turned in our first draft Sunday as opposed to the original deadline of Friday, but so did all of the other teams. Also, I did not get to finish the story of Joseph and his brothers yet, but that will be completed by tomorrow. 

My goals for collaborating and contributing this week are to get the story of Joseph completed and submitted on file exchange by tomorrow, collaborate with the team to decide on some of the formatting of the final paper, and to get our second draft edited and submitted by the Friday deadline.

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Project Report, Week Three

My contributions for this week were revision and editing of the Protocol Memo. The main contribution that I made was adding the part about my experiences in working with teams. I had an injury that prevented me from making the deadline, but luckily our gracious instructor extended the deadline until Sunday; so I re-posted it then. 

What is going well for our team is that we have a strong, organized team coordinator that is keeping us on track and doing an excellent job with communicating with us; and is open to our ideas and suggestions. The other participating teammate is also doing a good job of posting her ideas and contributing to the group. The only thing that is not going well for us is that we have one member of our team who has not communicated with us once, nor participated in any of the activities. Also, due to the aforementioned injury, I could not make the deadline for our Protocol Memo. 

My goals for collaborating and contributing this week are to make sure to do my part with plenty of time to allow for any unforeseen circumstances that may delay my contribution. I will make sure to communicate with my team members on a daily basis and take it easy for the next couple of weeks at jiu-jitsu to ensure that injury does not prevent my efforts at collaboration.

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Hello world!

This is the first blog I have ever had. The previous extent of my blogging is just ranting about random things on facebook.

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